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Backup & Cloud Services


When shooting hours of footage, an efficient backup solution is essential: 

At PHD Advanced Each project is backed up by our

"Safe and Secure Triple Backup System" including our large capacity server.

our In-House Fireproof Storage is UPS installed and adequate air conditioning.


High Speed LTO Backups

In addition to our server backup we provide LTO backups for extra safety

LTO (linear tape-open) is the leading tape backup format

With high capacity and reliability and can provide years of protection.


With Our triple backup system, your project will be managed

individually and personally, your work will be safe, secure and smooth

Edit Anywhere Everywhere

Through our unique advanced cloud solutions Post Production can be creative and easy.

PHD Advanced gives you the best tools to share your ideas, anywhere at any time in the best way, easy, safe and approachable. 

Through this cloud service you have the ability to maintain control over your project anywhere and everywhere.

With our cloud OCPC service you can share your ideas in real time with the Editor and the Editing team & suite.

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