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Cinema 4K/8K HDR Color Grading Dream Suite

Color Grading 4K Dream Suite

PHD Advanced provide an Exclusive Cinema 4K/8K HDR Online Color Grading Dream Suite.

With our highly creative and experienced professionals you can color grade and add the last fine touch to your 

high-end feature film, TV drama or documentary.


In the Dream Suite you can reach the top level and turn your creative dream into reality.

color space

Specifications for Professionals:

4444, 422, RAW, Rec2020, Rec709 DCI-P3  10 & 12 Bit

Waveform/Vector scope/RGB Parade/RGB Histogram

4K Color Accurate OLED HDR Monitor

4K Color Accurate HDR Projector

All types of LOG and cameras: Arri Alexa (Mini, SXT,LF), Amira,

RED (Monstro, Helium, Gemini, Dragon), Sony (FS7, FS5, F5, A7s, F55),

Panasonic, Canon (C300, C100, 5D), Blackmagic, GoPro and many more...

4K Projector
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